Interesting Places To Visit In Memphis, Tennessee

Conveniently nestled along the famous Mississippi River, Memphis, Tennessee is one of the state’s most vibrant locales. It has great music and food alike, as well as a host of historical attractions. There are quite a lot of things to do here, so much so that you’ll likely be begging to come back as soon as possible. As for your first stroll through however, these are some of the most interesting places you should consider visiting in Memphis, TN:

1 – Graceland

This is one is pretty obvious! Located on the appropriately named Elvis Presley Blvd, Graceland is the mansion where the world famous Elvis once made his home. It’s a gorgeous colonial style residence where the singer spent his final 20 years. It was opened to the public after his death in 1977. Fans and casual tourists alike pour in and out of the residence each and every year.

You can take guided tours that showcase details from Elvis’ private life. Every room is maintained exactly as he once kept it. There are several interesting details and pieces of memorabilia to lose yourself in here, especially if you’re an avid fan of music.

2 – National Civil Rights Museum

Located on Mulberry Street, the National Civil Rights Museum has been up and running since the early 1990s. Here, you can get a sense of the struggle that the country has gone through with civil rights over the years. Though there are certainly some horror stories in the past, a message of triumph and equality pervades the premises. Visitors often leave feeling uplifted and far more wiser about what the country and its people have gone through over the years. American history buffs should make a note to visit at least once in their lifetime.

3 – Memphis Rock n’ Soul Museum

Now, here’s a modern establishment first opened in 2000 that celebrates the rich musical history of the area in full force. The Rock n’ Soul Museum has the Smithsonian Institute seal of approval, and its many exhibits give a great sense of the immense musical heritage that runs deep in Memphis’ veins. There’s a full audio tour guide, providing as much as 300 minutes of detailed information, and over 100 songs to tap your toes to. There are seven galleries here, meaning you’ll likely want to make a whole day of it!