Riding Your Bike in Tennessee

There are many things that we might do to relax and get away from it all. Some people tend to hop on a plane and go to a distant area in order to truly get away, but others tend to stay in their local area. If you live in the state of Tennessee and are interested in an active vacation, you might want to try one of the different bicycle routes that are located in the state. These can really offer you much more than sitting at home and watching television.

Before you begin taking any bicycle trip in Tennessee, it is important for you to understand the laws that are associated with it. In Tennessee, those laws are different than in other states in some cases, and following those laws is the best way for you to keep safe as well. Since the roads within the state are not only for the use of cars and trucks but also for bicycles, some people will even go off road on one of the specified bicycle routes.

You can pick up a map online that will show you these various bicycle routes, and it gives you the opportunity to go on a ride without having to worry about the traffic around you. These were part of what was known as a BRAT route at one time, but now, they are part of bicycle touring areas and you will find a milepost number that corresponds with the map that can be downloaded.

Those former BRAT routes are located in various areas of the state and run from the South to the North, more or less. Some of the routes include the Mountains on the eastern side, the Reelfoot in the Northwestern area of Tennessee and several in the middle, including Heartland, River and Highland Rim. Familiarize yourself with the route by looking up information online before you go. Not only can it help you to be safe when traveling, it can help you to identify some of the more interesting features that may be included.

Bicycling is a wonderful activity, and it is a great way to get some exercise while you are taking in the world around you. As long as you follow the safety regulations and legal aspects of bicycling in the state of Tennessee, you will find that it is one of the more enjoyable ways for you to see the state.